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U02026 - Lemken Solitair 9 Combination Drill

Item number: U02026

20.500 Ft
Expected delivery: 3 workdays
Category: Toys
Lemken Solitair 9 Combination Drill. The LEMKEN company offers its customers an extensive range of products for soil treatment, sowing and plant protection. There are just as many soil treatment processes as there are different types of soil. To make soil treatment faster and more efficient, farmers have resorted to combined procedures capable of yielding excellent results even in less-than-perfect weather conditions. An example of such an implement is the Solitair 9 sowing combination from LEMKEN. With this impressive trailed implement BRUDER once again proves that original high-tech vehicles can be converted into very attractive toy vehicles with an outstanding fun factor. This is a truly innovative expansion of BRUDER's line of farming equipment. This trailed implement can be connected to all tractors and MB Unimogs of the Profi series.
- drawbar coupling
- many moving parts on the circular spike harrows and seed units
- tank contents can be drained using a straddle packer
- flexible hose elements on the seed units

- fold-down stairs
- the circular spike harrows and seed units can be folded up to realistically imitate real-life road travel
- seed tank can be opened
Material plastic
Rate 1:16
Age group above 4 years
Brand Lemken
Toy manufacture Bruder
weight 1.1 kg
Package size 46*24*20 cm

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