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Pellenc Selion T220 EVO pole pruner

Item number: 00021T

655.320 Ft
Expected delivery: 3 workdays
The SELION T150/200 and SELION T220/300 telescopic polesaws offer precision cutting. With a reach of up to 14.76 ft, work can be carried out without a carrying harness because of their lightness. SELION polesaws are ideal for use in noise sensitive areas. They are also powerful enough for forestry work.

Technical specfication:
Weight: 3,4 kg
Max. power: 1200 W
Motor speed: 5400 rpm
Oregon chain - Pitch: 1/4"
Chain speed: 10,3 m/s
Guide length: 24 cm
Oregon chain
Automatic chain tensioner
Battery life: Up to 1 days
Machine category pole pruner
Machinery manufacturer Pellenc
weight 3.4 kg
Package size 220*10*10 cm

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