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Pellenc Rasion Smart 2 mower

Item number: 00017L

1.104.900 Ft
Expected delivery: 3 workdays
The RASION 2 range of mowers has been designed to work quietly in order to respect the well-being of the user and the surrounding environment, while maintaining professional efficiency. Very easy to handle, light and compact, Rasion 2 is easy to transport and offers exceptional mowing quality. An efficient machine that incorporates a new electronic management system with an IMS* circuit board, which allows for improved heat dissipation.

Technical specfication:
Weight: 30 kg
Max. power: 1100 W
Blade rotation speed: 3,000 to 5,000 rpm
Cutting width: 60 cm
6 cutting heights: 25 - 75 mm
Non-rigid collection bin: 70 l
Machine category lawnmower
Machinery manufacturer Pellenc
weight 27 kg
Package size 80*80*70 cm

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