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Pellenc Vinion 250 vine pruning shears

Item number: 0000S7

523.494 Ft
581.660 Ft
Expected delivery: 2 workdays
PELLENC has designed the most innovative vine pruning shear on the market. VINION is perfect for vine growers seeking lightness, ergonomics, ease of use and precision.a veritable high-tech revolution. The VINION pruning shear was designed to meet every expectation. It can be used with the light and compact 150 pocket battery, or the 250 battery, which makes it possible to connect two PELLENC tools at the same time for alternating work.

Technical specifications.
Weight: 680 g
Length: 260 mm
Maximum power: 600 W
Blade opening: 57 mm
Cutting diameter: 35 mm
Automatic Stand by mode
Optical trigger
Blade change without tools
Battery weight: 1680 g
Battery capacity: 250 Wh
Battery maximum power: 1730 W
Average battery life: 15 hrs.
Machine category pruning shears
Machinery manufacturer Pellenc
weight 3 kg
Package size 43*40*14 cm

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