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2061753 - Gasket Sealant (Loctite SI 5910)

Item number: 2061753

9.200 Ft
Expected delivery: 3 workdays
LOCTITE SI 5910 is a silicone-based surface sealant based on flexible flanges, can be used on machined or cast surfaces (metal or plastic). Suitable for gaps up to 1 mm and (within 24 hours) the degree of setting 2.75 mm. It is typically used on extruded sheet metal casings (e.g. camshaft covers and oil sumps). Good oil resistance and good resistance to movement of sealed surfaces. After application, the sealant remains on the surface to be sealed.
Quantity of one 300 ml
Manufacturer LOCTITE
weight 0.399 kg
Package size 23*5*5 cm

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