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Pellenc 750 ultra lithium battery

Item number: 0001TT

596.900 Ft
Expected delivery: 3 workdays
Category: Gardening
A pioneer in battery-powered tools, Pellenc now offers a range of batteries for green space professionals. This range includes backpack batteries connected by cable, or batteries integrated directly into the tool. The ULiB (Ultra Lithium Battery) range of backpack batteries offers the best weight/power ratio on the market and enables intensive professional use of our tools.

Technical specifications:
Weight (without harness): 4,5 kg
Voltage: 43,2 V
Capacity: 17,25 Ah
Stored energy: 745 Wh
Charging time to 100%: 9 hrs.
Machinery manufacturer Pellenc
weight 4 kg
Package size 35*20*10 cm

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