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Pellenc Airion 2 Hand blower

Item number: 00017J

277.495 Ft
Expected delivery: 3 workdays
Category: Gardening
The Airion 2 blower is easy to use and durable in any climate conditions. Designed to meet professional demands for reliability, power and efficiency, the Airion 2 blower can also be used for several hours without fatigue or tension, especially in the wrist. Quiet and powerful, it is effective in an urban setting, near sensitive areas, and in parks and gardens.

Technical specifications:
Actual weight of the tool in use: 2,55 kg
Maximum power: 940 W
Effective thrust: 17,5 N (boost); 13,5 (speed 4)
Actual airflow rate with round nozzle: 920 m3/h (boost); 815 m3/h (speed 4)
Maximum airflow speed with the round nozzle: 63 m/s (boost); 55 m/s (speed 4)
Maximum airflow speed with flat nozzle: 69 m/s (boost); 60 m/s (speed 4)
Battery life: Up to 6 hrs.
Machine category blower
Machinery manufacturer Pellenc
weight 4 kg
Package size 59*27*24 cm

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